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    Our first album. Some people (we like to call them "wrong people that we vehemently disagree with") refer to this as our "best album". They must be big Step Ahead fans. No matter, all praise is good praise, or so they say, so we'll take it...under protest. Despite this being released at a time when people actually bought CDs in stores with money -- and as such is our best selling album to date -- we have a ton of these, so they're cheap. Maybe if you're nice and order a lot of other stuff, we'll give you one for free! Or maybe not! You never know! Recorded by some guy at some place a long time ago.

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Cannibal 00:35
I hate the way you live, taking more than you give. Cannibal, we're gonna pay the price for your appetites. Your body's a cemetery, and you'll drown in your own waste. We're getting sick of the taste. You're dead inside; I can smell it on your breath. You're dead inside; you'll take until there's nothing left. There's nowhere to hide…
Anesthesia 00:44
The blind eye of the TV set keeps us anesthetized. Freedom decreased while we fucking sleep. That’s the plan that they devised. This song’s designed with you in mind, to cut you down to size. And through the night, yeah the flame burns bright, and we’ll burn right through your lies. Out cold, you’re bought & sold. So just stand in line and do what you’re told. No conflict? No strife? You better run for your fucking life…the truth is so elusive, because the bullshit’s subsidized. Deceit increased while the fucking Beast gnaws at our insides.
Womb Envy 01:28
Too quick to step up with the fisticuffs. I think it's time that someone called our bluff. We can't create so we denigrate. We don't know how to love so we settle for hate. And we're running out of time. So let's step out of line, and resist the roles that we've been assigned. I'm not going to settle for "nice guys finish last", or treat our sisters as second class. While we conquer and earn, slash and burn. Concrete, steel and pavement everywhere I turn. And we're running out of time. 
Brothers & sisters, here's my decision: Fuck competition; turn my back on division. Did we learn the difference between "want," and "need?" Can we be the soil if this song is the seed?
You'll be the first to judge, the first to cast doubt, the first to point fingers and the first to bail out. King of the drama circus. Craving the spotlight. Bottom feeding off our efforts. Fucking parasite! So don't talk until you take a walk in my Chucks. What the fuck? I guess you’re shit out of luck.
CVA 01:32
Hooked up & sucked dry. And yes it pried my eyes open wide. But I couldn't make room for the fear inside. I shut down. I went numb. Tried to escape but I couldn't outrun. Stressed my head until it broke. The days slipped through my fingers like smoke. It's a lesson that I won't forget. You haven't seen the last of me yet. Sometimes I wish I'd been a fisherman: patient eyes and callused hands. Move with the sea & hold the line. Sitting still isn't wasting time. And guess what? I'm (apparently) not too young to die.
Void 00:59
A sick nation. Starvation (I guess that's what's in fashion). A bait & switch and guess who's gonna cash in? They wrapped it in cellophane and found a way to sell it. We're standing knee deep in shit. Can't you smell it? We'll disappear without a trace if we don't spit it right back in their fucking face. We'll die for that look. We'll cut ourselves up for that look. Self-esteem built on surgery and diet books. Fuck you. We're not buying what you’re selling.
The Insider 00:43
In on the joke, but I can't laughing. We tried to make the grade; I guess we still can't pass. I may be white but I'm a fucking kike. And I'm here to tell you where to stick that trash. And I don't want the insider's smile or the secret handshake of the white gentile. I'll be the double agent; I'll be the spook, the insider with the cyanide tooth. Just when you thought you were bulletproof...
I screamed at this wall until my throat was raw. I beat at this wall until my hands were broken. I mourned at this wall until my heart was empty. We built this wall; we were trained to be enemies. Sin by omission; that's how we're fooled. Textbooks? Propaganda tools! If we only read what we're assigned, we're only coloring inside their lines. It's sleight of hand, but we're sick of their tricks: Disguised class war politics. We're all born innocent and we all die alone. We all try to make a dent, we're just flesh and bone.
So you think you've got it sewn up tight? Well, you've got us up against the ropes tonight. But when the smoke clears, you'll be drawing flies, and we'll be dancing on your grave, fire in our eyes.
"What's that noise? Turn it down!" You're irritated by that beautiful rebel sound. I turn it up just to tune you out, and you still don’t understand what we're screaming about? Your eyes must be shut cause you still don't see it. Made up your mind that you won’t believe it. We'll say it louder if you still don't hear it. You better run if you don’t want to be near it. It's right outside your front door. Do you think I don't know what all those locks are for? And it's scratching at your window. Too close for comfort.
Watered Down 01:20
Your friends are impressed with your industry clout. They say you're hot shit but your fire's gone out. Play it safe? You might as well spit in my face. Turn in your badge & gun you're a fucking disgrace. Watered down, you're a repeat offender. It's time to fall on your sword, boy, it's time to surrender. You scratch your head and wonder, "how did it get so tame?" You just joined the ranks of the ones we blame! Singing rebel songs but you're on a short leash. You should be ashamed.
We hit the streets with fast beats. No surrender and no retreat. Back then, "get in the van" was our battle cry, even though half the time we couldn't see eye to eye. A lot of heart, a little luck, and just a pinch of self-destruct. If I knew then what I know now, I'd do it all the same. The amp's shut down, vacuum tubes have grown cold. Am I getting soft? Am I getting old? Am I starting to rot? Ready or not...flip the switch, hit the bricks, this is all I've got. Feet flat, broken back. How do we get ourselves back on track? We try to do it right, but everything goes wrong. Did you know that I'm still in love with that song?
We hit the ground running and we won't slow down!
Fed a steady diet of tragedy. It's getting hard to look away. Content with the scraps they leave on our plate. I'm getting sick of the taste. Cutting and draining slowly, intravenous despair. A quick fix of trashy bullshit. Numb, dumb and unaware. Turn it off!
1) Toil 2) Consume 3) Reproduce 4) Repeat until numb (And now, the fine print:) "Awake" is obsolete. Just follow instructions and your life's complete. It's not as hard as you thought it would be. You'll see…
They want to throw away the key; they don't care what the age is. They're getting rich burning books and building cages. Scared to death because they know where the rage is. My diagnosis: "fucked" & I think it's contagious. They spread this disease, and then the selfish motherfuckers do what they please. Their pockets are full, but their hearts are empty. And once again we're short changed in the land of plenty.
We can't build as fast as you tear down. I need some relief. I'm driving nails with my fucking skull, you pull them out with your teeth. What makes you think you can fuck with this? It's our sacred ground. Defiled it with your bottom line. Tear out the heart, parade the corpse around. Still here. Still carry that torch. You burned your hands and went way off course.


released July 29, 2003

Paint Is Black was, on this recording:
Dave Hause: Guitar / Vocals
Andy Nelson: Bass Guitar / Vocals
David Wagenschutz: Drums
Dan Yemin: Vocals

Recorded + Mixed at Atomic / Brooklyn, NY
Engineered by Dean Baltulonis
Produced by Paint It Black
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Layout by J. Dean @ Comfortable Lead
Photos by Shane McCauley

All songs © + ℗ 2003 Paint It Black
© + ℗ 2003 Jade Tree / JT1080


all rights reserved



Paint It Black Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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